1. Settlement Class Members are defined as:
    “All commercial and institutional purchasers in the United States and its territories that purchased turkey, once or more, other than directly from Defendants, entities owned or controlled by Defendants, or other producers of turkey, from January 1, 2010, to January 1, 2017. Excluded from the Nationwide Class are the Court and its and any Defendants and their parents or subsidiary companies.”
  2. No money will be distributed at this time. Settlement Class Counsel will continue to pursue the lawsuit against the other Defendants. If you would like to receive Notice the next time it is sent, if additional Notice is sent, please submit your information below.
  3. Claim forms are not currently available because the Settlement has not been finalized with all the Defendants. If the matter reaches a final Settlement, Class Members will be notified when there is an opportunity to make a claim to receive a payment.

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